Thursday, May 22, 2014


A 2nd "GET ON UP"  movie trailer has arrived and I am thrilled! 

While the 1st trailer looked good,  it came off to me more like a movie of the week.

Boseman looks great in the role but it just didn,t meet MY expectations. (I,ve seen JB five or six times live) Forgive me, I,m just picky, but i want it done right.

  I know that it was just a little premature to pass judgement just yet, but I have been a solid JB fan for the last 50 plus years ( shook hands with him in 1970) and I just want his story told right after waiting all these years! 

Here comes the 2nd trailer and guess what?  Whatever apprehensions I had about the film before are gone! 

This trailer shows a little more in depth about what to expect  and believe me, it is impressive!  

Of course they,ve  taken taken certain liberties such as Boseman is not  a short guy, or that JB,s shotgun went off in the insurance seminar ( maybe they are showing witness accounts of what could have happened, during his trial). 

Aside from those shortcomings, I really like what I saw in this trailer!

Here is the 2nd "GET ON UP" trailer

Looks very impressive huh?  I know they will use some well known songs but hopefully include some lesser known ones.

For example;  "Let A Man Come In & Do The Popcorn",  "Mother Popcorn",  "Ain,t It Funky Now", "If I Ruled The World",  "Lowdown Popcorn",  "I Don.t Want Nobody To Give Me Nothing (Open Up The Door I,ll Get It Myself)".

Okay, quite a bit of popcorn in there but James was heavy on the funk!  

One interesting tibit;  JB,s reference to the word "popcorn" in his songs meant a woman,s behind ( he loved big butts with small waists and had as many as five women a night after shows). 

Yes, he was a REAL SEX MACHINE, lol!  

There are several books on JB and here are my top 3 recommendations below;


1. The One: The Life & Music Of JB
    This the most fact-filled book of JB that I   
    have read to date.  Great insight into the 
    mind of James Brown; what drove him to 
     push himself and his organization to almost 
     inhuman limits(marathon touring, 
     recording in the studio after finishing an 
     exhausting concert, the need to get on top
     and the will to stay there.   

2. The JB Reader: 
Another book full of notes and different views by JB and friends, members, staff, newspaper press releases, etc.  

These are the  most comprehensive books on JB,s life that I,ve ever read, filled with many facts that I didn,t  know before.


I,m sure that there will be other interpretations of JB forthcoming on film and in books,  now that the floodgates are open.

There is an untitled JB documentary that was shown at the Tribeca Film Festival back in April 2014.  

I don,t when it will be released but the runtime is 2hrs and 10min. 

Mick Jagger is one of the producers of the film (man, he REALLY is into doing JB right on film!) and that it contains archival footage of JB throughout his career.

Done with the permission of the James brown Estate, we should see footage that has not been seen before.

Case in point; there is ANOTHER film about Elvis already in the works.  

Just to be fair, there has never been a movie about his life on the big screen, only tele-movies and concert films so he deserves his due also.  

Remember,  come August 1st,  world will be amazed because "GET ON UP"    will hit the big screen!


If you like James Brown, then GET READY for the "GET ON UP" MOVIE SOUNDTRACK!!!


On July 29th,  the original motion picture sound track will be released featuring 20 songs consisting of studio and live versions of many of JB,s hits! There will never be another like the #1 Soul Brother, so check out the movie and get the audio cd!


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