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 Except for "oldies shows", it is very hard to find concert footage of many artists in their prime, either upcoming, or at the height of their career.

Many simply aren,t available at the local music or video store.

I started inquiring about obtaining music video a few years before the internet boom hit. I wrote letters to my favorite artists, management agencies, hoping to get information.

I would regularly browse video stores such as BLOCKBUSTER and smaller mom and pop stores as well in search of my proving to be elusive quarry.

Jr Walker & The All Stars Live in Paris 1973

It became daunting at times as I was told, "its not commercially available", or "you won,t find it anywhere".

I  became more and more determined to find what I was looking for, no matter what it took. A turning point came when one day I ran across two magazines that really changed thing around for me.

"GUITAR " AND "DISCOVERIES" magazines, I found out as I browsed through, had ads devoted to rare music concert video.

My EUREKA moment had arrived! It didn,t matter much to me that some of the footage was not A-1 quality, just the fact that I finally began to accomplish my goal of building my video collection was enough for me.

Fast-forward 20+ years later; I have quite an extensive collection of rare music concerts and clips that I am very proud of, and enjoy showing off. 

Things have changed from so long ago with the DVD market and home theater.

 Each year there are many new music video releases that hit the market consisting of early footage and classic shows, with digitally remastered picture and sound.

So if you want to look for video footage of your favorite artist or group and stymied as how to go about it, here,s some tips you can use to help find rare music videos:

Step 1: There are many websites that are devoted to rare music video that are not commercially available such as;

www.Midnight To
www.Dvds To

These are just a few of many websites that have not only rare concert footage but tv appearances, and early music compilations.

 Many CD and vinyl websites also offer rare music video and film footage.

Step 2. Check out online auction sites such as, Craigslist, and Ebay. Check your local paper for upcoming soul music "oldies" and entertainment shows Many have music video memorabilia for sale.

Step 3. Yards sales are sometimes a source for finding that rare video you are looking for as well as independent record stores.

 Even storage auctions, although a long shot, can yield a treasure trove for the video collector.

 One way to bypass spending your hard earned money on a storage auction (unless you know its contains what you are looking for) is to get to know some of the winning auction bidders.

 Some make a living out of reselling the storage contents and can notify you if they find any video tape or dvd.

Step 4. A lot of music video footage is available for viewing on Youtube and there are also music message boards frequented by private collectors and fans that are willing to trade tapes and DVDS. 

Contact your favorite artist or their booking agency. Chances are they can let you know where certain rare video can be obtained.

 Case in point; R&B star Millie Jackson,s website has a store where you can purchase "Millie Jackson Live At The Junction" as well as her filmed stage play, "Older Woman Younger Man".

So try the methods above if you are serious, or just looking for that one rare show.

Monday April 15th 2008


The following is a press release from the SHOUT FACTORY WEBSITE (

Available commercially for the 1st time, rare James Brown concerts on video!

LOS ANGELES, CA Multi-Grammy Award winning artist James Brown, best known for his smoldering singing and revolutionary rhythmic style, is recognized worldwide as one of the most prolific figures in 20th century popular music. 

He remains a strong cultural influence as a newsmaker, musician, activist and peacemaker that transcends even the awesome celebrity he achieved as the “Godfather of Soul.”

 A whole new generation is discovering James Brown today through his music and his pivotal presence in American political affairs in the 1960s. 

DVD & music collectors and fans of the late James Brown will be treated to a whole new electrifying experience when I GOT THE FEELIN’: JAMES BROWN LIVE IN THE ’60s 3-DVD box set arrives on August 5, 2008, exclusively from Shout! Factory.

I GOT THE FEELIN’: JAMES BROWN LIVE IN THE ’60s features the director’s cut of The Night James Brown Saved Boston and the full-length concert performances James Brown Live at The Boston Garden from April 1968 and Man to Man - James Brown Live at The Apollo Theater 1968.

 This definitive 3-DVD collector’s box set is brimming with a special deluxe booklet and extensive bonus content such as James Brown’s legendary performance of Out of Sight from The T.A.M.I. Show.

Also included are interviews with James Brown’s band members, friends and colleagues, additional audio from the radio simulcast of his Boston Garden Live performance 1968, rare performance footage culled from the archives and much more!

A fitting tribute to the man and the times, this DVD collection pays homage not only to James Brown’s enormous contribution to American music, but also reveals his often overlooked impact on American race relations.

I GOT THE FEELIN’: JAMES BROWN LIVE IN THE ’60s DVD box set is priced at $ 39.98 SRP.

- more-

The Night James Brown Saved Boston (Director’s Cut)
A film by award-wining filmmaker David Leaf and executive produced by Shout! Factory CEO Richard Foos, David Leaf Production and Showtime, The Night James Brown Saved Boston focuses on one of the most historic moments in Boston and America’s musical social and political history.

The night Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated, rioting began to tear at the fabric of America’s cities. Everybody wondered if there was anyone who could stop the violence, who could bring peace to the streets?

The truth is, there was only one man James Brown.

On April 5, 1968, the night after Dr. King was shot and killed, James Brown took the stage for a previously scheduled show at the Boston Garden for a concert that was televised live on Boston’s public station WGBH, televised for just one reason---to keep the citizens of Boston off the streets, to try and stop a riot from starting.

James Brown, a great artist at his peak, was thus thrust on to the center stage, facing the crucible moment of his career.

He was becoming  known at that time as an activist, and that night, he rose to the occasion. 

JB kept Boston spell-bound with a musical tour-de-force, a performance that is considered so legendary that forty years later, Bostonians still regard it as the greatest concert the city every hosted.

Through the actual performance footage and the personal reminiscence of James Brown’s band members, the recollections of James’ friends like activist Al Sharpton and personal manager Charles Bobbitt, Boston citizens, those who attended the concert, politicians (like former Boston Mayor Kevin White) and Newsweek’s David Gates, The Night James Brown Saved Boston tells the compelling story of an artist at the absolute peak of his powers using his artistry for the greater good.

This film, which premiered at SXSW 2008 and broadcasting on VH1 on April 5, is an amazing look back at one heroic moment in James Brown’s life as a performer, a public figure and a man.

The Night James Brown Saved Boston Bonus Content:
Additional interview footage with
Rev. Al Sharpton
Dr. Cornel West
Anecdotes with Charles Bobbitt who worked with James for 40 years

James Brown Live At The Boston Garden
With cities around America reeling from sorrow, shock and anger, this is the actual April 5, 1968 concert James Brown gave at the Boston Garden as it was filmed and broadcast that fateful night. Boston PBS station WGBH agreed to televise the performance in an effort to keep the streets of Boston from erupting into violence.
Bonus Content:
Additional audio from radio simulcast
Additional interview footage with WGBH’s Director and Producer of the concert.

James Brown Live In The ‘60s The T.A.M. I. Show, 1964 & Man To Man
The T.A.M.I. Show: James Brown’s 1964 performance of Out Of Sight

James Brown Live at the Apollo Theater 1968 This was one of a series of concerts James Brown performed at the Apollo in Harlem in March 1968. This performance was taped in color and broadcast on television as Man To Man.

Box Set Performances Include
And many more
# # #

I have had both LIVE IN BOSTON GARDENS 1968 AND MAN TO MAN LIVE AT THE APOLLO for quite a few years now.

I,m hoping and praying that the dvds will include cut footage such as James Brown,s introduction with the song "I RULED THE WORLD", Bobby Byrd and JB,s duet on the song, 'YOU GOT TO CHANGE YOUR MIND" as well as Bobby,s full set.

It is rumoured that backstage footage was also shot but whether it will be shown also remains to be seen. Finally the release of JB in his prime concerts will show today,s generation how it is done! So start saving your money! Come August, we gonna have a FUNKY GOOD TIME!

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